Copper Repipe Service San Diego

Copper pipe water systems used to be very popular over the last years, due to the long life expectancy. Copper pipes are durable and tend to resist bacteria growth. Other advantages is that copper doesn’t’ degrade in UV light. In reality copper pipes last on the average 25-30 years. This is due to specific water and weather conditions in some areas. In colder areas copper pipes can freeze and burst. Different pH levels, and the presence of some minerals in the water can cause pitted corrosion in your copper pipes. Pitted corrosion is a type of corrosion that attacks small areas on the inside surface of copper pipes.

Over the time this can wear the inner lining of copper pipes eventually creating pinholes on different areas. It is difficult to tell where exactly these areas may occur. Copper piping corrosion usually goes undetected, until small leaks begin to form. Small leaks can result in mold build up, and drywall damage, thus can be very dangerous for your home and your health.

Health risks! In addition copper pipes in new homes may have a problem with copper getting its way to the water you drink. When water stands idle in the pipes copper can leach into it and then to your body. New copper pipes leach more than the older once. The old pipes usually have an inner coating formed from minerals over the years, and these keeps the copper from contaminating your drinking water In some older houses copped have been joined with solder containing lead. Best way to protect is to run the water for 60 seconds, before you use it for cooking and drinking. This way the running fresh water cleans the pipes and eliminates the risks of copper getting into your body.

A Whole-home Water Softener can prevent pitted corrosion. If you haven’t experience any pinhole leaks in the past, Smart Plumbing Solutions Inc. strongly advises you to continue the usage of a Water Softener system. If you have or have experienced problems in the past Smart Plumbing Solution Inc. recommends a new plumbing system to be

AQUAPEX UPONOR plumbing systems have 25 years manufacturer warranty and the estimated cost of the repipe is much less expensive
than the installation of a new copper system. Call for free estimate 619 307 0032